Flooring Brands Reviews

Today, homeowners have many carpet and flooring brands and style options to choose from which can make the buying process overwhelming, not to mention frustrating. Add to this, different information from each store about what is best for them and where each can be used, or not used adds to the confusion.

It's not uncommon while shopping for flooring to get a different brand recommendation at each flooring store you visit. That doesn't mean one flooring brand is necessarily better than another, that just means that each store is aligned with different suppliers. Also, certain types of flooring may be more popular in certain areas of the USA than in other areas. For example: solid hardwood flooring is very popular out East, while engineered wood floors are more popular in the South and on the West Coast. Flooring manufacturers will at times make products specifically targeted for a specific region and flooring retail stores will promote and advertise what brands are most popular in their selling area. Thus, what you find online may not be what you see or hear in your local flooring outlets.

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