Anderson Hardwood Flooring Review

Anderson Hardwood Flooring is an American manufacturer best known for creating the best hand scraped and antiqued hardwood flooring boards in the flooring industry. The best selling collection from Anderson Hardwood is the Virginia Vintage collection, which features their specialized hand scraping technique. The Virginia Vintage collection is available in both engineered and solid constructions and in a variety of widths, including a random width option.

In addition to their Virginia Vintage collection, Anderson Hardwood Flooring has also created an “Anderson” brand and an “Appalachian” brand. The Anderson brand features the hugely popular Coastal Art collection (imitating the weathered appearance of beach homes) and the Exotic Impressions collection (with a beautiful array of exotic wood species featuring a unique 3-D opalescence appearance). The Appalachian brand from Anderson features collections like the award winning Vineyard collection and the wildly popular Anderson Colonial Manor solid collection.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring mostly works with engineered hardwood flooring constructions, but you can also find solid hardwood flooring selections featuring their highly sought after hand scraped technique. Anderson Hardwood has also created a number of collections without their hand scraping (smooth surface) for their customers who still want Anderson Hardwood Flooring top quality, but for a more formal setting.

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