Homerwood Hardwood Flooring Review

Homerwood Hardwood Flooring is known best for their premium Character Grade hardwood flooring manufactured right here in the United States. Not only is this rustic, character grade look available in ¾” thick solid flooring boards, but Homerwood also manufactures it in a 5/8” thick engineered construction with an incredible 4mm wear layer. Both the solid and engineered lines are available in 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” widths and a variety of wood species and stain colors. In addition to the darker graining, knot holes and over all rustic appearance of these Homerwood collections, it has become popular to mix different board widths within a floor to create a wonderfully unique floor mosaic full of character and warmth.

Not only offering a Character Grade in a smooth surface appearance, Homerwood also acquired the talents of local Pennsylvania Amish artisans to create their hand-scraped wood flooring line of Character Grade hardwood flooring. Each individual plank is scraped and distressed by hand by these artisans, creating a realistic worn and antique look that cannot be achieved by machine hand scraping. The handscraped collections from Homerwood Wood Flooring are manufactured in up to 7” widths and can be found in both solid and engineered constructions.

Amish Hand-Scraped Collection
Homerwood Wood Flooring manufactures an Amish hand-scraped wood collection, who helps hand sculpt each plank individually. The collection comes in 3", 4", 5" and 6" plank widths in both solid and engineered planks.

Character Grade Collection
The Character Grade Collection from Homerwood's signature line of wood flooring with natural wood character in each plank and species. The collection includes: White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, American Cherry, Black Walnut and Hickory The Character Grade Collection comes in 3", 4", 5" and 6" plank widths in both solid and engineered planks.

Smoked Specialties Collection
This smoked collection is offered in both solid and engineered wood flooring in both hand-scraped and wire-brushed for a hand-sculpture appearances . The collection comes in 3", 4", 5" and 6" plank widths.