Kahrs Wood Flooring Review

The Kahrs flooring company started manufacturing flooring in 1914. Kährs flooring is headquartered in Sweden and has always adhered to strict quality manufacturing standards. This has made them one of the top quality engineered flooring manufacturers. Kahrs manufacturers a wide range of engineered wood floors that are primarily installed by the floating installation method with their glue-less, WoodLoc locking system.

Kährs hardwood flooring collections are offered in 1-strip, 2-strip, and 3-strip planks. The 2-strip and 3-strip are 2 or 3 narrower strips inside one continuous plank. This saves time during installation since they are alreay formed into one wide plank. They offer many different wood species, such as red oak, white oak, ash, cherry, beech, European maple, hickory, walnut, jarrah and in different gloss levels. All Kährs floors have a multi-layer engineered construction so they are less affected by changes in humidity in the indoor climate than a 3/4" solid wood floor. Kahrs wood flooring surface treatments are solvent-free, including their lacquered and oil finishes. Be sure to use the correct Kährs cleaners and finishes for your specific type of Kährs wood finish.

The Kahrs wood flooring collections include, Kahrs Original, Kahrs Avanti, Kahrs supreme, Kahrs Spirit, Kährs Activity Floor, and Linnea by Kahrs. Most of their floors are approved to be installed over radiant heated sub-floors, with certain manufacturer limitations. (See the Kahr's website for specific details for installation over radiant heating. All their floors can be floated or glued-down, except Kährs Activity Floors. Their installation do vary dependin gon the type of planks joint construction.

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