Laminate Floor Care & Cleaning

Laminate floors are extremely easy to care for versus some of the other flooring types, such as hardwood. What makes laminate floors easier to maintain is the tough, durable wear surface. It is extremely stain, burn and fade resistant as well as very difficult to scratch or dent. This makes laminate floors a good choice for active areas and areas where you allow pets to dwell inside your home.

Unfortunately, not all laminate floors have the same durabilty, abrasion resistance, or quality construction. Below are some general tips for caring and protecting your laminate flooring.

  • Do not use excessive water on the floor. Light damp mop when needed, but do not wet mop.
  • Wipe up liquid spills immediately to avoid getting into the plank joints which may cause swelling of the planks.
  • Regularly vacuum or sweep the flooring to remove any dirt, gravel and debris.
  • Use quality walk-off door mats by all entrance and exit doorways coming from or to the out of doors. Clean door mats regularly.
  • Never drag or slide heavy objects across laminate flooring.
  • Avoid wearing or remove shoes with spiked heels or damaged high-heels.
  • Use quality floor protector pads under all chair and furniture legs. Check existing pads regularly for wear and grit.
  • Do not use any type of steam cleaners, power cleaners or buffing machines on laminate flooring
  • Avoid using polishes, wax, oils, soaps, detergents, varnish, Murphy's oil soap, or silicon dressings to clean laminate flooring.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals, steel wool pads, or metal scouring pads on your floor.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's recommended floor care and maintenance guidelines.