Laminate Flooring Reviews

Over the past 20 years or so we have seen many new laminate flooring brands being offered across the USA. There have also been some laminate flooring brands that have left the marketplace as well. When Pergo Laminate Flooring was first was introduced into the USA it became extremely popular with homeowners looking for an alternative to wood and vinyl flooring. Soon many other USA and European flooring manufacturers introduced their own brands of laminate flooring.

Today, laminate flooring has earned it's place as a true flooring category in the USA. Along with the new brands also came many new innovations, such as: better imagery, better embossing and textures and better locking systems. There are also more product styles and colors offered at both the low-end as well as the high-end laminate floors. At the same time, as the laminate flooring industry matured many laminate flooring brands have been acquired or gone out of business.

Consumers need to aware of not all laminate flooring brands or styles are equal in value or in performance. There is a big difference in features & benefits from a $.49/square foot laminate floor and a $3.99/square foot laminate floor. Consumer need to take the time to understand the differences and what meets their budget and specific decoration needs the best.

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