Mannington Laminate Flooring Review

Mannington Laminate Flooring offers homeowners a full line of laminate flooring products --- all included in the Mannington Coordinations Collection (3-strip, 2-strip, 1-strip laminates), the Mannington Revolutions Plank & Tile Collection (1-strip planks, micro beveled edges), and the Mannington Value Lock Collection (basic styles & low pricing). From traditional to country to contemporary --- whatever the style of your home, you will find a Mannington Laminate to accent it perfectly!

Most recently added to the Mannington Laminate line up is the Revolutions Plank Diamond Bay Collection. The Diamond Bay Collection is an extension of the popular Revolutions Plank and Tile Collection and is quickly becoming noticed for its 1/2 IN. thicknesses and use of exotic wood patterns saturated with deep, rich color tones and grain patterns.

Mannington Laminate Flooring is only sold through your local specialty flooring stores.