Mirage Hardwood Flooring Review

Mirage Hardwood Flooring is a Canadian based wood flooring manufacturer. They offer pre-finished hardwood flooring with superior durability, a great nano-finish and timeless beauty. Mirage Hardwood is known for producing high quality wood floors in both solid wood and engineered hardwood planks for any interior application. Mirage offers a variety of hardwood flooring collections that will display endless charm, visual depth and timeless allure. With their nano-technology finishes, Mirage hardwood floors are five times more resistant to damages than other wood floors. Additionally, their revolutionary wood flooring finishes are highly resistant to UV and cracking which means they will last much longer than the average wood floor.

Mirage Hardwood Flooring comes in a wide variety of wood species, gloss levels, widths and thicknesses. All their wood floors are backed by exceptional warranties for both residential and commercial applications. Mirage Hardwood Flooring is only offered through specialty flooring stores and is on the expensive side,for the high quality wood floors.