Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet Review

Today, 90% of all carpets are made form synthetic fibers, such as nylon, olefin and polyester. In 2009 a new fiber was created by Dupont, called: Triexta and was been approved by the FTC as a new fiber type. Triexta is a PTT polmer (poly trimethylene teraphthalate) and offers exceptional durability, softness and stain resistance. Dupont branded triexta as Sorona®, and today Dupont Sorona fibers are used in carpet, apparel fabrics and automotive flooring. Dupont Sorona® is also made in part from renewably sourced ingredients.

Carpets made with Dupont Sorona® are sold exclusively by Mohawk. Mohawk calls these carpets Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona®. A word of caution Mohawk produces three different Smartstrand carpets but only 2 are actually made with Dupont Sorona fibers. They are the following:

  • Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet - base level, PTT polyester fiber (not with Dupont Sorona fibers)
  • Mohawk SmartStrand with Sorona - DuPont branded, bio-based, highest percentage of renewal material
  • Mohawk SmartStrand Silk with Sorona - is a smaller fiber denier creating the softest carpet fibers with all the stain resistant and durability properties of Mohawk SmartStrand with Sorona.

If you really want the best performing soft carpet with the best features be sure to select Mohawk Smartstrand which has the Dupont Sorona name on the samples. Carpet retailers that have been selling Mohawk SmartStrand with Dupont Sorona have not only found these carpets to be extremely popular among homeowners but they have had very few issues or callback with these carpets.

Here are a couple of videos from Mohawk about Mohawk Smartstrand Carpets: