What is Laminate Wood Flooring?

There is a lot of confusion amonth home owners between real wood flooring and laminate flooring. This becomes more confusing because so mant laminate floors are made to look just like a real wood floor. Also, engineered wood floors are actually made up of several thin plies of wood that are "laminated" together with glue and pressure.

Often times engineered wood floors are confused with laminate flooring. Thus, many consumers think of the engineered wood flooring as laminate wood flooring. Real engineered wood floors do not have aprint layer. engineered wood floorInstead their top layer is a thin ply of real wood with some type of finish, usually UV-cured urethane. Where as a laminate floor does have a print layer that is covered by a melamine layer to protect the print. The print layer is actually a high resolution photogragh of real wood, stone or something else, but laminate flooring does not have a real wood top layer..

Also, laminate flooring usually has some type of fiber core in the middle that the print layer is attached to and also forms the tongue and groove locking system. Think of laminate flooring more like your laminate countertops but actually more durable. Engineered wood floors have some type of real wood center core, made up of one or more thin wood plies of softer wood to form the tongue and groove joints..

laminate floor constructionBoth laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring can be installed on all grade levels using the floating installation method. Some engineered wood floors can also be glued-down to certain sub-floors, but laminate flooring cannot be glued down nor nailed..

So when you are search for laminate wood flooring you need to really decide are you really looking for a laminate floor or an engineered wood floor . They really difference in both maintenace and in performance. Both laminate and engineered wood floors have inepensive styles and high-end floors that vary in performance, cleanability and price. So be sure you know if the floor you select will meet your lifestyle and expectations.